LETTERS from a CRIMINAL, 04: How Hazardous is Covid to Kids?


It is well-known that young people just don’t catch covid to the extent that adults do. This is because:
Children’s lungs don’t make a lot of a certain protein called ACE2. This protein, which appears in much higher amounts in adult lungs, is exploited by the SARS-CoV-2 virus to infect cells. Less ACE2 means less cells with viruses inside. Children also have more T-cells in their lungs — the cells that fight viruses. These cells come with proteins called IL-10, which makes sure inflammation doesn’t get out of control and damage other cells.34
Because of this, when young people do contract covid, it is usually a very mild case (basically what parents call “a little cold”).

In March 2020, a study of covid cases in America found that, among 4,226 reported cases, only 508 people (12%) were hospitalized and, of these, fewer than 1% were younger than 20 years old. 35 In other words, four (or three or two or only one — all we know is that the number is “less than 1% of 508”) people under the age of 20 needed hospitalization.

In children aged 5 to 9 who are diagnosed with covid, the IFR (infection fatality rate or the proportion of those who die from infection) is 0.001% that’s than one in 100,000. Moreover, virtually all those children already suffered from various co-morbidities.36

Kids can come down with a mild or even asymptomatic case of covid and develop natural immunity, which protects them the next time they are exposed. 37 When babies, kids, or teens who do not already suffer from severe co-morbidities contract covid, it’s usually a very mild case: in September, a study determined that children between the ages of 11 and 18 are six times more likely to die of the experimental injection than of covid. 38 Former Pfizer researcher Michael Yeadon put the risk at much higher than that: “It’s a crazy thing to vaccinate children with something that is actually 50 times more likely to kill them than the virus itself.” 39

There are 73 million children in America, and covid has claimed fewer than 700 in the last two years. 40 According to the CDC, since January 2020, about 50,000 children under 14 have died of all causes, while fewer than 700 of the 50,000 have died with covid. Not “died of covid” but “died with covid.”

Everyone remembers the famous case of the seven-year-old boy who drowned in the bathtub — his death was officially listed as a covid death. 41 The little boy’s corpse was swabbed and, when the PCR test (we’ll look at the PCR test in another post) isolated infinitesimal bits of genetic debris that matched the covid profile, his cause of death was officially listed as “covid” — even though he actually died of drowning in the bathroom.

To put this in perspective: between the first day of January 2021 and the first day of November 2021, in just two Arizona Counties (Maricopa and Pinal Counties), 19 kids died from drowning.42 Child-drowning is endemic in Arizona: Arizona kids die from drowning at a rate nearly twice the national average. 43 Where is the hysteria? Where are the media pundits and politicians demanding that swimming pools be filled in and bathtubs be ripped out?

In 2019, in the City of Yuma alone, 18 people died in car crashes and hit-and-runs. 44 Where is the hysteria? Where are the media pundits and politicians demanding that private cars and trucks be banned?

Children have a greater chance of dying from drowning in a swimming pool or dying in a car crash than they have of dying from covid. Nevertheless, even though kids have an almost-zero chance of catching covid and a near-infinitesimal chance of being harmed by covid, in late October, the Food and Drug Administration advisory panel gave the green light to injecting the experimental gene-altering concoctions into kids as young as five — no clinical trials needed.

One of the 17 members of the advisory panel, Dr. Eric Rubin of Harvard University, expressed the unanimous agreement of the group: “We’re never going to learn how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it, and that’s just the way it goes.” 45 46 47

In other words: the Food and Drug Administration advisory panel voted unanimously to “just use millions of American kids as lab rats.” The next day, Pfizer reported that it had sold the United States government “an additional” 50 million pediatric doses of their experimental mRNA vaccine.48

This, even though post-injection cases of myocarditis among adolescents are skyrocketing. Last month, a peer-reviewed article which examined the disastrous increase of myocarditis in adolescents who had taken the experimental mRNA injections was suddenly pulled mere days before it was to appear in the journal Current Problems in Cardiology. No reason was stated for this act of science suppression. 49 Fortunately, the censored scientific study was has been published in pdf so the public can see what information the vaccine manufacturers don’t want people to know.50

Robert W. Malone, 1988 inventor of mRNA vaccines and today an outspoken critic of their use, 51 tweeted about this censorship: “More Censorship / Cancel Culture. The authors were not notified of this ‘Temporary Removal’ action. I have never seen anything like this, ever, in my entire scientific career.” 52

Dangerous meds being pushed and high-level censorship of medical fact: do you smell payola? Do you hear the drumbeat of medical tyranny? (We will look at this topic in future posts.)

The CDC’s count of 700 covid deaths among children in the last two years is gravely suspect, especially in view of the fact that there is a strong incentive for hospitals to deem every death a covid death: more payola. Hospitals are paid a bounty of $13,000 per person admitted as a covid case, and another $39,000 bounty for every patient put on a ventilator. Who pays this bounty? The taxpayer, through the government. CDC director, Robert Redfield has admitted that the financial policies put in place “could” have resulted in elevated hospitalization rates and death toll statistics. 53



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LETTERS from a CRIMINAL, 03: Definition: Pandemic


CDC estimates that, in the 15 months from February 2020 to May 2021, there were 120.2 million cases of covid in America; in other words, one in three Americans fell victim to “the pandemic.”18

Traditionally, “pandemic” has been used to describe a widespread disease resulting in a high degree of fatalities: “Pandemic [is] an epidemic (a sudden outbreak) that becomes very widespread and affects a whole region, a continent, or the world due to a susceptible population; by definition, a true pandemic causes a high degree of mortality (death).19

CDC admits that only 6% of people who purportedly died of covid had only covid: the remaining 94% were already in very poor health, prey to an average of three other serious diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer.20

Because of the lockdown, cancer patients were not permitted to have scheduled surgeries or even routine medical care. 21 22 23 Moreover, covid-hysteria promulgated by mainstream media contributed to cancer fatalities, as cancer-patients reported that they felt safer staying home than going to the doctor.24

As a result of the lockdown and the media-generated hysteria, there was a 46% decline in diagnoses of six common cancers (breast, colorectal, lung, pancreas, stomach, and esophagus) during March 1 to April 18, 2020, compared with January 6, 2019, to February 29, 2020, ranging from a 25% drop for pancreatic cancer to 52% for breast cancer. 25 26

This will affect cancer deaths for years to come:
Tracking the eventual rebound in the coming months will be important for predicting how many patients continue to delay screening because of concerns related to the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous immediate impact on the world, and it is clear that there will be effects for years to come. Of note, the data presented here reveal quantifiable trends that indicate substantial declines in cancer-related patient encounters. Ultimately, these observed trends have serious implications for future cancer care and validate the need to study and monitor the effect of COVID-19 mitigation on cancer diagnosis and treatment moving forward. 27
Those undiagnosed and untreated cancers continued metasthetizing throughout the lockdown, driving up the putative “covid” death rate.

And, let’s not forget that the federal government paid hospitals a multi-thousand dollar bounty for every “covid death” that they were able to rack up: $13,000 per person admitted as “a covid case,” and another $39,000 for every patient put on a ventilator. 28 Mighty fine payola for the hospitals — and too bad for the ventilated patients. The great majority of patients put on ventilators die 29 because it is the wrong sort of medical intervention: they died because of the ventilators, not in spite of being ventilated. 30

George Washington contracted pneumonia and was killed by his doctors: he was bled dry. For centuries, in the era before antibiotics, aggressive bloodletting was considered the therapy of last resort in medical crises. In modern-day medical crises, covid patients are intubated and their lungs are exploded by aggressive ventilation: the vast majority of covid patients who are put on ventilators die. Did the $39,000 bounty the federal government paid to hospitals for every ventilator case have anything to do with that?

New York City emergency-medicine physician Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell warns: “I fear that this misguided treatment [putting covid patients on ventilators] will lead to a tremendous amount of harm to a great number of people in a very short time.” 31 Dr. Kyle-Sidell warned that ventilators are actually killing people. 32

Thus we see, when we consider that, by definition, a true pandemic causes a high degree of mortality (death), 33 the scourge that has been destroying the America that we lived in before 2020, is not a “pandemic” but something altogether different.

Some people call it a “scamdemic.”



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LETTERS from a CRIMINAL, 02: Is This a Joke?


This jest encapsulates people’s understanding of the cynical way that any and all deaths are written up as “covid fatalities”:

Wife to husband: “Honey, did I get fat during the lockdown?”

Husband to wife: “Well, you weren’t all that skinny to begin with.”


CDC’s all-encompassing criteria for what constitutes a “case of covid” explains:

  1. why the CDC can claim that an astounding one in three Americans fell victim to “the pandemic” in the 15 months from February 2020 to May 2021;15 and
  2. why the CDC can claim that. during the 15 moths from February 2020 to May 2021, more than 600,000 Americans died due to covid ;16 and
  3. why the CDC can claim that covid was the third leading cause of death in the United States in 2020,17 and
  4. why official statistics say that numbers of covid deaths keep rising in America.

When the rules state that virtually every death that occurs — whether from falling off the roof or drowning in the bathtub, whether from crashing a motorcycle or falling prey to a driveby shooting — falls under the definition of “covid death” … is it a “pandemic” … or a “scamdemic”?



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LETTERS from a CRIMINAL, 01: Definition: A Case of Covid


The CDC says that any one of four criteria1 can be used to determine “a case of covid”:
1) Clinical Criteria;
2) Laboratory Criteria;
3) Epidemiologic Linkage;
and — in the absence of any of the foregoing criteria —
4) Covid Listed as ‘Cause of Death on Death Certificate’.

Let’s look at each of these four criteria in detail.

  1. Clinical Criteria
    In the absence of a more likely diagnosis:
    Acute onset or worsening of at least two of the following symptoms or signs:
    *fever (measured or subjective),
    *sore throat,
    *nausea or vomiting,
    *congestion or runny nose
    Acute onset or worsening of any one of the following symptoms or signs:
    *shortness of breath;
    *difficulty breathing;
    *olfactory disorder;
    *taste disorder;
    *confusion or change in mental status;
    *persistent pain or pressure in the chest;
    *pale, gray, or blue-colored skin, lips, or nail beds, depending on skin tone;
    *inability to wake or stay awake;
    Severe respiratory illness with at least one of the following:
    *Clinical or radiographic evidence of pneumonia;
    *Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).
  2. Laboratory Evidence
    *Detection of SARS-CoV-2 ribonucleic acid (RNA) in a post-mortem respiratory swab or clinical specimen using a diagnostic molecular amplification test performed by a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-certified provider;
    *Detection of SARS-CoV-2 by genomic sequencing;
    *Detection of SARS-CoV-2 specific antigen in a post-mortem obtained respiratory swab or clinical specimen using a diagnostic test performed by a CLIA-certified provider;
    *Detection of antibody in serum, plasma, or whole blood specific to natural infection with SARS-CoV-2 (antibody to nucleocapsid protein);
    *Detection of SARS-CoV-2 specific antigen by immunocytochemistry in an autopsy specimen;
    *Detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA or specific antigen using a test performed without CLIA oversight.
  3. Epidemiologic Linkage
    One or more of the following exposures in the prior 14 days:
    *Contact within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes (cumulative over a 24-hour period) with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 disease;
    *Member of an exposed risk cohort as defined by public health authorities during an outbreak or during high community transmission.
  4. Death Certificate listing COVID-19 disease or SARS-CoV-2 or an equivalent term as an underlying cause of death or a significant condition contributing to death.

Criteria number 1 (Clinical Criteria) states that having a case of pneumonia is sufficient for the patient to be deemed a “covid case.” In 2018, 1.5 million people were diagnosed with pneumonia in an emergency department.2 If those 1.5 million people suffering from pneumonia had entered an ER in 2020, they would automatically be documented as covid cases because “clinical or radiographic evidence of pneumonia” is enough to qualify the patient as “a case of covid.”

Stomach flu3 and food poisoning4 are two common ailments from which no one escapes suffering at one time or another. The symptoms of both stomach flu and food poisoning include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps. Those symptoms likewise fit the clinical criteria for “a case of covid.”

Seasonal flu has virtually disappeared. Between October 2019 and February 2020 (2019-2020 flu season), 8,633 people were hospitalized with the flu. CDC put the number of flu deaths at 22,000. Between October 2020 and February 2021 (2020-2021 flu season), only 155 people in the United States were hospitalized with the flu; 700 deaths were attributed to the flu.5 6 (Similarly, Australia has seen a 95% reduction in flu cases. 7) It’s 2021, and influenza has been re-branded “covid.”

Criteria number 2 (Laboratory Evidence) is more complicated and merits extensive discussion. We will look at PCR covid testing in a later post.

Criteria number 3 (Epidemiologic Linkage) deals with contact tracing. Anybody who, for 15 minutes (or even less), has been within 6 feet of someone deemed to have a “case of covid” under Criteria 1, Criteria 2, or Criteria 4 is likewise considered to be another “case of covid.” In practical terms, that means that everybody in the waiting room at ADOT has “a case of covid.” The person with the “case of covid” alledgedly infecting everybody else does not have to show any symptoms. Just having been in the vicinity of someone who likewise does not have to show clinical symptoms but who himself has been deemed to be “a case of covid” is sufficient to be counted as another “case of covid.”

Criteria number 4 (Death Certificate) boils down to: if the attending doctor or Medical Examiner writes “covid” in the “Cause of Death” box on the death certificate, there’s your diagnosis.

Remember the case of the young motorcyclist in Florida who crashed and died? His death certificate stated his cause of death as “covid.”8

In Oregon, a man who died from falling off a ladder was officially counted as a “covid death.”9

In Colorado, a man who died of acute alcohol poisoning 10 and various other gunshot fatalities were counted as “covid” deaths: that’s what their death certificates listed.11

That’s authorized under criteria number 4: even though they crashed a motorcycle or slammed a quart of Everclear 190-proof or fell off a ladder or got shot, these people who died with covid genetic debris in their system (as determined by lab-testing) were tabulated as covid deaths. Follow the so-called science: poisoning or blunt force trauma might have been the immediate cause, but officially the underlying cause was covid … like the seven year old boy who drowned in the bathtub: he drowned because he had covid.12

It is safe to say that, if they were not already in very poor health and suffering from three or more chronic co-morbidities, or victim of sudden-impact blunt force trauma or of drowning, these unfortunates who died “from covid” would have survived their bout with covid. Nevertheless, survivors who recognize this gross logical discrepancy and who say things like “my grandfather died from Stage 4 cancer, not covid” or “my brother-in-law died from crashing his motorcycle, not covid”) are said to be operating under cognitive dissonance and are branded covid-death-deniers.

Sociologist and grief specialist Holly Prigerson explains it to NPR:

If people believe the pandemic is a hoax, or that the dangers of the virus are overblown, then anything, including the death of a loved one from this disease … they compartmentalize it. They’re not going to process it. It gives them too much of a headache to try to reconcile.

Sociologist Holly Prigerson says that trying to argue covid-death-deniers out of their silly belief that someone died not from covid but because he fell off a ladder and broke his neck leads to what psychologists call the backfire effect. When challenged, people stubbornly double down on their beliefs and refuse to listen to the voice of authority (such as that of sociologist Holly Prigerson).13

Those travesties of logic occurred in 2020, and continue — not just in America but around the world. In November 2021, a healthy Australian man was gunned down in his driveway. He died within a minutes. His lifeless body was transported to the morgue where it was swabbed and, subsequently, the gunshot victim was officially declared “dead due to covid.”14

Is this a joke?



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